Your Sensuality Fueled Biz

Are you ready to have a business and life that is more fun, pleasurable, and playful?

I know you.  You’re the womxn with big dreams, big ambitions, and a work ethic on overdrive.  You run on tightly wound nervous breakdowns, your list of “shoulds”, external noise (3 steps to $10k in 3 days opt-in anyone?), a very overflowing schedule, and a fear that you’ll run out of money 6 months into your business.  You started your business to live your best life, but being on a carousal of overwhelm, worry, fear, and anxiety with no sign of stopping is not what you had in mind.  Enough is enough.

Your Sensuality Fueled Biz is a 3-month 1:1 private coaching program that helps you reconnect to your sensuality and get out of your head, so you can be joyful and confident in your sensuality and have sexy paydays.  With this package you’ll relearn how to tune into your body and stop living from the neck up, so you can playfully take action to create the success you crave in your business and life.

Nourished and inspired is a beautiful way start to your day.  First things first = you. Not your to-do list or your client list (don’t worry, you’ll knock those things out of the park!). While working together, we’ll put together *your* sensual menu.  It’ll be your sweet selection that helps you feel connected, lush, relaxed, and supported.  Radiant, fierce, lit up energy.  Carving out space in your day to reconnect with your body and intuition is the new normal.  Feeling good in your curves, pussy, and intuition, and thinking, planning, and doing are the ebb and flow of your lifestyle now.

Worthy and free.  Your inner mean girl (your subconscious mental chatter) is doing all she can to keep you from believing that 1) You can have what you desire and 2) You can love and trust yourself. While working together, we’ll take a look at the inner dialogue that is going on and shine a light on what is holding you back.  There are real patterns and belief systems that are operating behind the scenes and holding you back from being empowered AF.  Things like “Sensuality is dirty”, “If I embrace my sensuality, people will say I’m a hooker”, and “If I embrace my sensuality I’m cheap”.  So. Much. Nope.  I’ll support you in your mindset work, and you’ll become the womxn you desire where sensuality is freeing, pleasure, and fun.  Then we’ll clink our glasses of wine as we celebrate your journey!

Life after working together:

  • Reconnecting with your inner wisdom to unlock the confidence, love, and approval  you so often seek as a CEO outside of yourself
  • Connection with your curves, breasts, and pussy
  • Amazing, dreamy clients are paying you and can’t stop talking about working with you
  • More intuition and less looking outside for answers on how to run your business
  • Speaking at live events and feeling at home in your body whether you’re livestreaming or speaking on stage
  • Having space in your calendar.  Yasss!!!

“Y’all Natasha is an angel. Before Natasha, I felt awkward charging full price even though I knew my services were worth it. I was self-sabotaging my success. I had a handful of clients. After just a one hour call with Natasha, y’all, I AM BOOKED. Like beyond booked. Clients are appearing out of the woodwork. I am able to sign cold traffic in 30 minutes now. My confidence has skyrocketed since our talk. I no longer feel uncomfortable making a pitch or sharing my pricing. I don’t feel awkward talking about my qualifications. She helped me find a way to practice self-love in a way that felt natural for me. I am forever grateful for Natasha!”
– Ashley Price,

Investment: $20,000
{payment plan available}

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“I love working with Natasha because of her serving heart, her ability to give a kick-in-the-rear when I need it most, and her way of bringing out the things I want to do and walking with me as I do them.

I am tickled pink about my business now. It is exciting to see such change after working together to get me out of my comfort zone and break those walls of fear down.  I’ve worked with 7 clients since working together have been able to pay for my business expenses without dipping into personal funds. YAY!” – Kayse Renfro,

Investment: $20,000
{payment plan available}

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The lovely details:

  • 6 x 45-min mindset coaching calls. We meet the first and third week of the month.
  • Pre-session questionnaires to keep you 100% on track
  • 3 months of Voxer support to answer any questions that come up between coaching calls
  • A sensuality kit and on-the-go meditations only available to my 1:1 clients
  • An in-person retreat stay at the Umstead resort & spa with spa time and a private pole class with me to wrap up our time together!

“Wake up. Say yes to yourself. Breathe. Shine brightly. Laugh. Repeat.” – Natasha Gillyard

What kind of coach am I?  warm, intuitive, and clear

I firmly believe you are a powerful wise woman and all the answers are inside of you. I am here to hold your hand, remind you of the truth, and whisper “grow” every step of the way.  You and your business aren’t cookie-cutter.  I love getting to know you, your business, and the life that you want to build, and giving personalized support and 1:1 accountability.  I want you to have everything you’ve been dreaming of and so much more!

This is for feminine online business/mindset coaches who:

  • Have been in business for at least a year
  • Have had their first client
  • Have a 3-month goal for their business

Who this is NOT for:

  • New online entrepreneurs
  • You are still clarifying your target market and service offerings.  I’m not a business coach.

Investment: $20,000
{payment plan available}

Only 3 spots left!

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“Coming from a Christian culture that didn’t speak much about sensuality, I came into a new marriage not knowing how to approach this part of myself. Working with Tasha provided a relaxed environment where I could get to know this part of myself and feel confident in myself as a sensual being. Tasha’s encouraging, relaxed nature makes working with her very comfortable. It’s encouraging to see the love she has for her work!” – Amanda Hunsucker

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know this is for me?

I created this for the womxn who is ready to commit to writing a new story around sensuality and business.  It’s an intimate experience in that sensuality & mindset work is connected to other life areas like money, childhood stories, relationships, etc.  It is my deepest desire that every womxn gets a return on investment, but I can only go as deep as you are willing to go yourself.  If you’re ready to leave behind the version of you that self-sabotages – this experience was made for you!

What results can I expect?

As long as you fully commit to showing up and do the customized sensuality & mindset work, you’ll see results in at least two areas.  After all, how you’re showing up in your sensuality mirrors other areas of your life (e.g. business, money, relationships, hobbies), and as you shift in your sensuality to being empowered AF it’ll also shift something else too.  The possibilities are endless as long as you do the work and ask for the support you need.

Will this help me heal my sexuality and/or improve my sex life with my partner{s}?

Sensuality is different than sexuality in that sensuality is more than sex.  The sensual embodiment work I do with clients does help with sexuality if that is your goal while we work together!

What if I want a refund?

No refunds.  Coaching and going for your dreams is a promise from both parties.  If the possibility of a refund is out there, then it’s easy to be only half-in.  No one reached their goals by being there only 50%.  We both need to be there 110%.

What if I still have questions?

Send me an email at  <3

Investment: $20,000
{payment plan available}

Only 3 spots left!

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