An Ancient Key to Accessing Your Purpose

In this guest post, Ayurvedic Practitioner and founder of Vibrant Souls, Sierra Brashear, speaks to all you feminine entrepreneurs, and every women who feels disconnected from their yoni . She shares the ancient roots of yoni steaming and gives a simple yoni steaming ritual, so you can be reconnect to your yoni and reclaim this part of your sensuality!

Your yoni — your vagina and womb — is a powerful force in the world.

A symbol of the Hindu Divine Mother, the yoni is revered in ancient Indian cultures as undeniably sacred. It is, after all, the origin of life — the place from which we birth not only babies, but ideas, visions and businesses. Connecting to our wombs connects us to our purpose. As beautiful and magical as those of us who are blessed to have one, our wombs are central to our energetic, emotional, sexual and intellectual wellbeing. They are to be honored, respected and loved by us, and of course, by all those lucky enough to be in their presence.

But let’s be real, ladies.

For many of us, our wombs are can be a major source of grief. For those who suffer from trauma, painful menstruation, fertility challenges or uterine irregularities, the word “yoni” may not exactly conjure up images of ancient Indian goddesses dancing in the moonlight. To many, the womb is a distant and mysterious place — certainly not somewhere we’d find ourselves connecting to purpose.

So…the time has come to transform the experience we have of our wombs, for the sake of transforming how we show up in our relationships, businesses and the world. Its time to celebrate our lady parts in all their excellence, and listen…they key is here…

It’s called yoni steaming. Yes, you read that correctly. Steam–your–yoni.

It’s an idea whose time has come…again. 

Yoni steaming is actually an ancient women’s remedy that is being fervently revived by powerhouse women like you who are ready to celebrate, pamper and support their divine feminine. It may sound odd to some, but steaming the vagina has stood the test of time as a respected treatment for women, used by traditional healers across the globe to cleanse and revive the womb. In Mayan culture, a yoni steam session is known as a bajo, while in Korean culture the treatment is known as chai-yok.

In these communities and others, women have found yoni steams to heal many of our womb woes, from menarche to menopause. While there may be no scientific studies that so-called “prove” it, the timeless wisdom of women has shown yoni steaming to be an effective treatment for uterine discomforts and disconnection.

This simple home treatment is known to help reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation, regulate irregular or absent cycles, increase fertility and speed healing in the postpartum period. It is also known to treat aspects of abnormal uterine pathology such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse and endometriosis.

In addition, many women steam their vaginas to treat chronic vaginal or yeast infections, as well as to support detoxification of the entire body. Perhaps best of all, yoni steaming comforts and relaxes the mind and body, reducing anxiety and inviting in an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Not only is this ancient remedy an incredible opportunity for us to support, heal and regulate our miraculous reproductive systems, it is an opportunity for us to take a moment to love, appreciate and indulge our beautiful yonis, and ourselves, so that we can love others even more.

Yoni steaming truly is one of our best tools for reconnecting to our bodies, and for becoming more confident, sexy, and empowered in business and in life! It is a perfect way to reconnect to our true purpose.

So, are you ready to try it for yourself?

The yoni steaming process is easy. Here’s how to treat yourself to this delightful self-care ritual:

 1.     Simmer 1 heaping cup yoni steaming herbs in 2 quarts of water with the lid on for 10 minutes, then remove from the heat for 5 minutes.

2.     Carefully pour the herbs and water into a 3-quart stainless steel or glass bowl, and place this in the bottom of a 5-gallon pail.

3.     Place a yoni steam seat over the top of the pail, disrobe from the waste down and sit on the seat. The steam should feel warm on your skin, but not hot (if it feels too hot, stand up so as to avoid burns). Wrap blankets around your legs and body to hold the heat in. Staying warm through the process is essential.

4.     Sit in place with your yoni gently taking in the steam for 20-30 minutes as you meditate, read or journal, allowing the steam to gently work.

5.     Afterwards, lay down in a warm bed for at least an hour, or preferably for the entire night. Place your hands on your womb, and send loving, healing intentions into her as you drift into a blissful sleep.

For best results, steam two to three times in the week before you expect your period to begin.

What do you need to know to yoni steam safely and effectively?

Anytime we give ourselves and our precious bodies a treatment at home, we should be sure to do our research and listen to our intuition. As you consider trying a yoni steam at home, be aware that a yoni steam should not be done under certain circumstances, including: in the case of pregnancy, during menstruation, or with any kind of intrauterine device (IUD). It is also wise to avoid yoni steaming in the case of an acute infection, illness or fever, or in the case of open wounds or inflammation. Finally, exercising simple caution during yoni steaming will help you to avoid burns. Never yoni steam with a continuous heat source, and test the temperature of the steam with the back of your hand before exposing your sensitive vaginal tissue. The steam should feel pleasantly warm, and you should immediately move away from the steam if it feels too hot.

Ladies — time for women everywhere to discover the beauty of our own bodies, celebrate our miraculous yonis and understand the gifts the Earth has given us to treat ourselves. It’s time we all steam our yonis in celebration of the divine feminine, to discover our unique purpose that lies within, and to further our contributions to our families, our communities, businesses and the planet!

Sierra Brashear, MA, is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and founder of Vibrant Souls, a wellness company that makes organic yoni steaming herbs and yoni steam seats available to women around the world. She also offers online wellness courses in Ayurveda as well as private consultations through her joint practice, Cultivate Balance


Sensuality doesn’t have to be time consuming, complex or expensive! Download these simple practices you can do to open up your senses to the richness of life that is already right in front of you. No expensive equipment required!


Sensuality doesn’t have to be time consuming, complex or expensive! Download these simple practices you can do to open up your senses to the richness of life that is already right in front of you. No expensive equipment required!




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Natasha Gillyard supports ambitious, overwhelmed women entrepreneurs to get out of their busy heads and into their bodies. She believes that by connecting to your sensuality you can become the most confident, sexy, empowered AF version of yourself.

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