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Your body has the answers.

When your body is closed off and disconnected, you’ll look for the answers outside of yourself.  You’ll look for someone else to tell you how to connect with yourself through opinions, books, or the knowledge of Grandma Google.  

Or you’ll avoid and numb the connection with your body by distracting yourself with work, relationships, or Netflix. #happens

I get it.  I’ve bought and read books, listened to other womxn talked about the “it” factor, and felt like it was still out of reach.  Until I slowed down to listen deeply. The shift came from listening to my body releasing the old stories of guilt and shame that, so that there was new, fresh space for truth to take root and grow.  Now I live with a spicy and fierce spirit that is sooo me while embracing my earth mother voice.

It’s possible for you too.  You can connect to your sensuality without the whiplash of guilt and shame by listening to your body.  If that sounds foreign to you, that’s ok! It’s what I help my clients do.  I’m sharing 3 tips to help you reconnect to your sensuality.

  1.  Check in with your body.  Take 30 seconds to sit up straight, relax your jaw/chest/belly, and palms open to the sky.  Notice if any parts of your body feel contracted or open.
  2. Breast massage.  Take your favorite breast massage oil (coconut oil or your favorite lotion works too!) and take 5-10 minutes to cup your breasts with your hands and move them in circles.  Your breasts will thank you!
  3. Dance.  Turn on a song that makes you feel good and shake what your mama gave ya!

Which tip will you try to embrace your sensuality?  Tell me in the comments!