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Sensuality has been paraded as that family member that is gossiped about that you don’t want to be, dangerous, dirty, and unsafe.  Here’s what I know. That definition is wrong. When I tell people that I’m a sensuality + mindset coach, sometimes I get looks and asked, “What is sensuality?” and when I share the definition people give me looks of surprise and relief.  It wasn’t what they thought. I also get asked this question A LOT by current and prospective clients, so it’s time to set the record straight rather than be confused in the sea of information from Grandfather Google and what your family told you.  

Sensuality is connection to your body by being in tune to your physical sensations (e.g. your senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch). The origin of the word “sensuality” is derived from Old French and Late Latin words.  

  • Sensualite is Old French meaning “the five senses; impression”
  • Sensualitas is Late Latin meaning “capacity for sensation”
  • Sensualis is Late Latin meaning “endowed with feeling, sensitive”

Connection to your senses is a normal way of being.  

That means sensuality is not dirty.

Sensuality is feeling a chocolate truffle melting on your fingertips and tasting the cacao on your tongue.  

Sensuality is feeling the wind in your hair and feeling the sand beneath your feet at the beach.

Sensuality is feeling the beat of the music and twerking on the dance floor.

I love embracing my sensuality and it is my natural way of being in my body and my life. When I walk I strut or have some sway in my hips as a swagger. I notice details around me and people, and openly receive *and* express delight.
I believe you can have your sensual way of being that reflects you too that is also good and safe.

So tell me, what do you think about sensuality?