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I have strong feelings about my pussy.  

Let’s have an honest heart to heart about “down there”.  I learned as a little girl to ignore, cover, and be quiet about my pussy.  It wasn’t sacred, beautiful, or safely held. So I disconnected in as many ways as I could.  I didn’t talk about her, listen to her, look at her, or touch her. I wanted to minimize my acknowledgment of her and I was emotionally numb to her.  I counted it as a blessing I started my period later. My friends always complained about their periods, talking about how painful they were while grimacing. I learned that periods were an inconvenience and painful, not something to celebrate.  But during undergrad, I decided that I wanted something different. I didn’t want resentment or to feel uncomfortable with that part of me.

Is this true for you too?

I wanted to reclaim my pussy.  

To reclaim her as a sacred space.

To reclaim her as beautiful.

To reclaim her as a part of my sensuality.

So I did.  

I believe we should have a joyful connection with our yonis.  I believe we should be able to feel safe with them. I believe that being touch with our yonis can deepen our relationship with our self, and that our relationship with ourselves is an important one to cultivate.  Can we truly say that we love ourselves if there’s a part that is cutoff by fear and dislike?

What do you think?  Tell me in the comments below!