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Do you ever feel scared to tap into your sensuality like it is irresponsible?


I can relate.


Sensuality wasn’t something that was talked about in my house growing up.  It wasn’t celebrated. It wasn’t even acknowledged. But do you know what was?


Working hard and pushing through even when you didn’t enjoy it.

Relying on a plan and the “tried and true” way of doing things.

Going after what was logical.


There wasn’t space at the table for tuning into my body with all the outside voices telling me what I should do and my inner mean girl keeping me in a box.  Who was I to be confident in being sexy and feeling radiant?!


I decided to listen to my body speak.  As a result, tuning into my body gives me space to feel how I want to feel at the moment, and a desire to make space to feed my heart and soul.   While it seems like I “shouldn’t”have time for these things with a business, relationships, and desires on my plate, they lead to my expansion instead.


Sensuality brings a whole new depth to my life inside and outside of my business.  Most of all, it calls in more playfulness, openness, and confidence in who I am and what I offer.  


I’m living proof that you can be sensual and feel safe in your radiance, be taken seriously, and expand your cash flow.  You can choose it all!


What feels at odds with sensuality?  Tell me in the comments below!