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first things first

I was getting ready to drive back to my apartment from my parents’ house, and I didn’t want to. I didn’t have any energy and all I wanted to do was lay in soft bed, not pack my things and drive. I checked in with my body and felt how much of my energy was out of my body and in my head {hint: it was a lot like 90%}.

So I did what I know to be true
I called my energy back to my body
Back to my heart
Back to my womb
And back to my pussy

Because you are powerful and fully resourced from within, connecting with your radiance, creativity, and inner wisdom when you do so.

After I did that I had more energy, felt more relaxed, had a little swagger in my step, and was on the road in no time.

Notice that I’m not saying I’m perfect, that I’m ignoring how I felt, and I didn’t keep pushing through.

Because we don’t need to be perfect, numb out our feelings, or push through to be confident, free, sensual empresses.

Comment below “I choose being fully resourced from within” if this resonates with you.