Empowered Sensuality

Empowered Sensuality with Natasha Gillyard


Are you ready to finally be in tune with your body?

Do you want to discover what it’s like to be empowered in your sensuality?

Are you ready to come home to your body and feel comfortable in your skin?

Are you ready to be 100% confident, sexy, and powerful in your life?

Then this group program is for you!


Empowered Sensuality is a 8-week 1:1/group program hybrid of foundational play to help guide you in embracing your sensuality without guilt and shame, and you get to to embrace empowered sensuality in community with your people!

What You Get:

  • 8 weeks of video modules
  • 8 weeks of 1:1 calls with me
  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly Homeplay and Sensual Dares

The Details

The program is 8 weeks long.  There is a video module every Monday and you get a weekly 1:1 coaching call with me, which you schedule.

Week 1: What is sensuality? Take a look at what sensuality is, your story around sensuality, and what you’re committing to your sensuality looking like.  This is the starting point of our exploration.  YUM!

Week 2: Forgiveness/release.  To move forward we’ll release what’s not serving you to make room for your sensual queen to be and appear, how to have your back, and letting go of perfectionism.

Week 3: Your heart has been calling, and your breasts have answers.  This week focuses on reconnecting to your breasts and your desires, and using your voice.

Week 4: Sensual hygge.  Creating your sensual menu <3 This is your go to for tools and resources that help you to be.

Week 5: Your womb, your intuition.  Explore what connects you to your creative energy, wisdom, and being playfully unattached.  Intuition is the gift that every woman has, and it’s time to hear it!

Week 6: Pussy.  The sexy magic is waiting!  You’ll reconnect to her and your cycles (energetically, sensually, and the moon).  Your cycles are a gift and we’ll be exploring the beauty of them, your connection to them, and how to be in them.

Week 7: Energy.  Your natural sensual barometer to how you in tune you are to your body.  This is one of my favorite hacks, and also a great piece to tie the content from previous weeks together!

Week 8: Sensual Archetypes.  Exploring the different archetypes (5 in all!).  Which ones you’re comfortable with, uncomfortable with, and what you can learn from each.  There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Bonuses (register by Friday September 7 at 10pm EST): 

1) a 2-month Erotic Blueprint program with me that after I am certified September 2019.  It’s sensual embodiment meets sexuality, so if you want freedom in your sexuality and a spicy, fun sex life with your partner(s), then you’ll definitely want in on this bonus!  Google “Erotic Blueprint Jaiya Ma” to learn more about it!

2) Sensual Play List.  A list of activities that help you connect you to your sensuality that are right under your nose.

The investment

>> $2000 <<


I want the basic option payment plan


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know this is for me?

I created this for the woman who is ready to be connected to her body and be empowered in her sensuality.  It’s an intimate experience in that sensuality & mindset work is connected to other life areas like money, childhood stories, relationships, etc.  It is my deepest desire that every woman gets a return on investment, but I can only go as deep as you are willing to go yourself.  If you’re ready to leave behind the version of you that self-sabotages – this experience was made for you!

What results can I expect?

As long as you fully commit to showing up and do the homeplay, you’ll see results!  The possibilities are endless as long as you do the work and ask for the support you need.

What if I’ve never done sensuality and/or mindset work?

I got you lady!  Whether you’re a newbie at sensuality and/or mindset work or you’re a queen, we’ll dig deep while working together and release what’s not serving you.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, there is love!  The payment plan for the base option is 3 monthly payments of $800 USD each. If payment is not made on time, there is a 3 business day grace period and you are expected to reach out to me to update your payment information.  If payment is not received after the 3 business day grace period, your access to the materials and Facebook group will be removed.

What if I want to learn something that’s not included on the outline?

Fair question.  Drop your q in the Facebook group and I’ll answer it.  I may even do a special 15-min popup video on it and/or give the group a resource connected to it.  The outline is the starting point, and I like to feel the energy of the group in regards to the content/material.

Do I need to buy anything like a jade egg for this program?

Nope!  I created this program as a standalone foundation where all you need is you.  Sensuality is all about being connected with your body, so long as you have that everything else is the whip cream on top!

What if I want a refund?

Due to the nature of this program there are no refunds.  I stand behind this work 100% and have seen it work for me and my clients.  This works!

What if I still have questions?

Send me an email at natashagillyardco@gmail.com.  <3

The investment

>> $2000 <<


I want the basic option payment plan