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First Things First

I was getting ready to drive back to my apartment from my parents’ house, and I didn’t want to.  I was getting ready to drive back to my apartment from my parents’ house, and I didn’t want to. I didn’t have any energy and all I wanted to do was lay in soft bed, not...

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What I’ve Learned in my Pussy Immersion

I’ll be honest with you this is one that still pops up for me though it’s not as strong as it was a year ago when I first became a sensuality + mindset coach.“I really like sensual embodiment AND I really get to help other people with it too???”“Is it ok to be this...

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Personal Development

The sensuality paradigm and why you should care about it

My paradigm for sensual embodiment is how I see sensuality show up in my life and my clients’ lives on different levels.  Those levels are your mind, your heart, your body, your energy, and your soul/essence.Let’s start with your mind.Sensual embodiment is seeing...

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Killer Confidence and Feeling like Beyonce

I know you’ve met her.  The cool and confident girl that feels so sure of herself.  That doesn’t seem rocked by what others say about her. She wears what she wants and her style is so her.  She looks people in the eye when talking with them. She has faith that things...

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When the heavy pendulum swings too far to the masculine

If you run a business at all, you’re probably operating in the masculine a large portion of the time. What do I mean?No matter what your biological sex is, we all have masculine and feminine energy inside of us.We’ve all heard the story about the two wolves inside of...

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Raise your hand if as a womxn you’ve more than sacrificed your own sanity, time, energy, joy for someone else? Raise both hands if that someone was a man. Think about the years and years that you’ve held your raised hands up as you gave and gave; it’s fucking...

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Sensuality and Emotional Health

As I was sitting down to write this piece on sensuality and our emotions, I did a quick search to see what the internet was saying about sensuality. The number one search related to sensuality was “sensuality meaning.” That search term was up 190% in the last 12...

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The Sensual CEO

I’ve been thinking about what I decide to lay my eyes on after I wake up. Confession: It used to be my phone I would start my checking my email and make my way to Instagram and Facebook just scrolling It didn’t fill my cup and didn’t feel refreshing to wake up to...

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Sensuality doesn’t have to be time consuming, complex or expensive! Download these simple practices you can do to open up your senses to the richness of life that is already right in front of you. No expensive equipment required!

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Natasha Gillyard supports ambitious, overwhelmed womxn entrepreneurs to get out of their busy heads and into their bodies. She believes that by connecting to your sensuality you can become the most confident, sexy, empowered AF version of yourself.

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