The Sensual CEO

I’ve been thinking about what I decide to lay my eyes on after I wake up. Confession: It used to be my phone I would start my checking my email and make my way to Instagram and Facebook just scrolling It didn’t fill my cup and didn’t feel refreshing to wake up to technology first.

I felt numb and scattered, sometimes anxious and overwhelmed.

So if you feel that way, I want you to know that I get it and my story has shifted from that to a sweeter and juicier spot.

Lean in. This is the good part.

I feel more empowered with what I lay my eyes on now
I wake up sensual first
Radiance first
Pleasure first

Creating my daily sensual practice and my devotion to begin my day with it is what has helped me with this. I know that this is where we’re going as feminine entrepreneurs, womxn who are passionate about helping clients with our gifts and desire to cultivate the sexy paydays, romance, and experiences with the freedom that we desire.

Do you have to take naked selfies to be sensual?

Raise your hand if you’ve noticed the trend of taking naked selfies and posting them on the internet for sensual embodiment.

It’s one of the many signs of how things are shifting, and many womxn are using their voices to share and express that they are worthy, powerful, and will be seen and heard in their sensuality.

I see them, I cheer them on, and I am not participating simply because it’s not my desire to take naked selfies and post them online.  So if you don’t want to take naked selfies or share them, then you do you, and if you do take them or want to take them, then you do you.

The fun and the beauty in our sensuality is that embodiment can take a million different paths, so All our voices are heard and there is S P A C E for each and every voice to be heard.

Are you on the naked selfie train, or are you letting it pass?  Share with me in the comments!