Belonging and being seen starts with you

Women have developed peripheral vision as a way to get the gist of our environment.  We take into account if our surroundings are friendly or dangerous to know if can we can connect or to keep up our guard.  We crave connection and a safe space.

Often there’s a fear connected to that desire — to be connected and safe — that keeps them stuck from accepting and loving themselves and receiving that from others.  That fear is not belonging and not being seen.  Most of my clients have been in that place, and so have I.

Can you relate?

I remember having a conversation in October/November 2017 with my mindset coach where I was doing a target market interview for her.  She told me, “It’s so hard for me to not go into coaching right now, but I really see you being a sensuality & mindset coach”.  It felt like an earthquake in my soul, an internal shifting that broke ground and created a new foundation.  I honestly couldn’t believe I didn’t see what she saw in me before because 1) I’m a pole dance instructor and 2) I’m a therapist and being a sensuality & mindset coach is like Oprah and Beyonce creating a school together.  I was excited!  I felt my jaw relax, my eyes brighten, and a calm in my womb that “Yes, this is my next step!”.

I continued to think about her words long after I finished the interview and was lying in bed.  A smiled curved on my face as I thought, “This is a bold move” and then fearful thoughts came up too.

“Will I still have community if I am a sensuality & mindset coach?”

“Will people value the work I do even if it’s not under the ‘practical’ business services umbrella?”

“What if someone says something mean or is especially disrespectful towards me?”

At the root of those fears was me accepting and loving myself because I know that sensuality can come with guilt and shame, depending on your experiences (society, religious, spiritual, and otherwise).  Connection and a safe space with others comes from giving those things to yourself first.

Spoiler alert:  I did!

I committed to loving myself higher and deeper by reconnecting to my body and getting out of my head, so that I could help my clients do the same.  Doing this work that I’m passionate about has been one of my greatest adventures, and I know I’m just getting started.  I’m offering a limited number of 20-minute sensuality awakening sessions for new clients.  Previous clients have used these sessions to tune into their body, reconnect to their yoni, release guilt/shame with sensuality, and make more money (like booked out honey!).

During these assessments, we’ll uncover your subconscious and conscious blocks.  We’ll talk about your connection to your sensuality and what you want that connection to be.  Then we’ll embrace that new connection with one to two inspired action steps to live it out.

It’s time for you to feel free and infectiously joyful in your sensuality, and I believe you can have that.

Click here to sign up for the 20-minute Awakening session now.