What it’s like to work with a sensuality + mindset coach

At one time or another, we’ve gone through our days on auto-pilot living from the neck up.  We’ve put the to do list and outside validation so close to our faces that we can’t see anything else.  We’re disconnected to our greatest source of love, creativity, and inner well of wisdom, and we don’t feel our desires.

We have thoughts like:

  • I can take care of myself *after* I complete this mountain list of tasks.
  • After my body looks a certain way, it will be okay for me to go hiking or take that pole dancing class.
  • Listening to my intuition sounds crazy.
  • Right now I feel squirm and pull at my clothes because I feel uncomfortable in my body.  There’s no way I could speak at conferences and go to live events in front of thousands of people….even though I want to.

These thoughts can be debilitating to women in business who live from the neck up in a bermuda triangle of anxiety, worry, and overwhelm, or who aren’t in tune with their body.

I’m betting you’re reading this because you’ve had these thoughts, too, and they’re keeping you from being joyful and free in your sensuality. You’re in luck, because I’m here to help you create a sensual embodiment practice that is easy and fun, hold a safe, sacred space for you to release fear and beliefs that don’t serve you, and witness you as you expand to the confident, sexy, badass version of yourself that’s been dying to come out.

When you work with me as your sensuality + mindset coach, you will:

    • Identify your 90-day goals for sensual embodiment
    • Review your current relationship with sensuality and practice to figure out what isn’t working
    • Begin a personalized sensual embodiment practice that inspires you to pleasure your way through business, draw amazing clients to your internet doorstep, and get sexy paydays
    • Create new beliefs for a revamped mindset practice that gets you out of your head
    • Get tips and journal prompts to go deeper into your sensual practice
    • Visualize what your life will look and feel like in three months when you consistently put your sensual embodiment on the front burner
  • Steer your business in the direction you want to go, instead of having your anchor of fear/doubt/perfection keep you docked at Comfort Zone Harbor

Having an individualized, sustainable sensual embodiment practice is crucial. I’ll work with you 1:1 to create a sensual practice that feels natural so you’ll want to practice it consistently. What I love about this 1:1 venture is that, as an outside person, I’m able to detect your blind spots as well as remind you of your overlooked strengths. (You know how a friend might share a part of herself she’s self-conscious about, yet you’ve only ever noticed how formidable she is? That’s a sensuality + mindset coach: both your mirror and your cheerleader.)

We’re partners together in this journey of yours, so I’ll be with you every step of the way as a guide, so you can come home and feel safe in your body, magnetize sexy paydays and your amazing clients, buy everything on your Amazon wishlist, and sip your sangria in Spain sans guilt.  I want to talk to you.  Book a call here:  Discovery Call

OK, let’s get serious: What is mindset?

I get asked this question A LOT by current and prospective clients, and I’ve seen it asked in myriad Facebook groups, often without a satisfactory definition. Here is how I explain mindset, how it changes, and how it can improve your life.

Mindset is your system of thoughts and beliefs about yourself and what you’re capable of doing. It’s also your connection to your intuition and a higher power (e.g. God, the universe/cosmos).

Your mindset is the lens through which you see and talk about yourself. It filters how you respond and react to your experiences and circumstances and can be the difference between taking action in your business and hiding under the bedsheets.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed because there isn’t enough time to do #allthethings in your business? Me too. I remember when I started using Facebook for my business in August 2016: The sheer number of groups available reminded me of sorority rush week, all clamoring to woo me for their clique. I didn’t know how I’d manage to connect with people and create content on a consistent basis, especially since I hardly posted on my personal Facebook profile.

My belief was “There isn’t enough time.” When I committed to my mindset practice, the belief I worked on was “Every challenge and obstacle in business and life has a solution.” Rewriting my belief helped me shift from overwhelm to gamemaker, and I found the value in using Facebook’s platform to grow my business. Now it’s a vital part of my marketing, in addition to connecting me with my peers. I would have missed out on these lucrative gifts if not for a shift in mindset. Let’s take a look at how mindset is pivotal to your business’s success:

  • You’re less likely to be distracted when your mindset is in line with your goals.
    • You make effective decisions based on what works best for you and your business.
    • Instead of falling prey to scare tactics, you make investments that you truly want and will use.
    • All the feels that happen as you’re building your business — like anxiety, worry, or fear — don’t stop you from taking action.
    • You hear and trust your intuition. Open your mind to all those inspired ideas!
    • You stay in the ebb and flow of working and taking time off without the pressure of guilt.
  • The business of your dreams is in reach because you become the person you needed to be.

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