5 myths about making an impact and income in your business

When passionately dedicated to growing your business, it can be easy to fall for cock-and-bull stories. Don’t blame yourself! You’ve overwhelmed your brain scouring blogs and signing up for email newsletters about creating a profitable funnel or e-course to take your business from cubic zirconia to platinum status.

It all sounds great, sure, but how can you discern the sound advice meant for you and the tips you just shouldn’t follow?

There’s a logical reason for this emotional overcharge, and I can help you work through it to figure out what works best for you. After all, you’re building a unique business that, by its nature, won’t always fit into the guidance that’s worked for others.

Successful business requires the right mindset, and the key to developing a strong mindset is learning to let go of myths, which only serve to hold you back. Once you discard myths that have led you to believe you can’t grow your business, you’ll be able to sort through all of the information you read and apply what is needed for you to succeed. You’ll reach the next level in your business as the feeling of defeat vanishes!

Let’s take a look at 5 myths keeping you from creating the success you crave.

  1. “I don’t know enough.”

This myth plays on the pressure of needing to know everything, always. It’s easy to believe the lie that you shouldn’t get stumped by a question you don’t know how to answer when working with a client or during a live video stream. The truth is that you are evolving, which means you’ll always be learning. And that’s a great thing!

You may not know everything, but you know more than your amazing clients, which is exactly why they need you right now. Degrees, certifications, and trainings can help you grow, but your experience, is definitely worth a price. Working with you will save your clients the time and/or money that you spent on your experience (and degrees, if you have those), and — trust me — they will thank you for that.

  1. “I don’t have enough time.”

You have enough time to do what you need to do today. Everyone has 24 hours in a day (including Beyoncé), and that means you have to prioritize what gets your time. Say #byefelicia to your overwhelming to-do list!

At the end of each day, jot down a few to-do items so you can begin the following day with tasks you know need resolving. (No more dilly-dallying by starting at the top of your inbox or checking social media. Dig in with quality duties right off the bat!) Checking off these one to three money-making tasks early, moving your business forward, will help you start your day with a positive mindset.

  1. “I have to work in my business all the time.”

It’s important to spend time growing your business, but I’m betting you didn’t start your business so you could work all the time, spiraling into a burnout. (Cue you working on blog content from your laptop while posting on Instagram from your phone.)  My guess is you dreamed of working when you need to and spending time with family and friends when you want to. You’re in it for the long run.

Some people talk about balance in business. I don’t believe in balance. Rather, I believe in harmony. Balance is giving equal amounts of time in all areas of your life, all the time. Harmony is giving different amounts of time to different areas of your life based on your present focus. Balance is an equilibrium that never changes, while harmony is a process that ebbs and flows.

You have to live your life — which includes resting, if you want to grow your business in a way that is sustainable. That means there will be periods of time when you are working hard on your business as well as periods of time when your focus is on being at Taco Tuesdays with your friends.

  1. “There’s a limited amount of money.”

Reading other entrepreneurs’ accomplishments on Facebook and Instagram about their five-figure launches can feel discouraging. You might feel like there are already lots of people out there getting paid to do exactly what you want to do, so how could there possibly be any money left for you to earn?

This thought process focuses on your current money situation and projects it into the future, past where you are and what needs you have at this moment. You and those peers you’re comparing yourself to are at different points in your careers. Don’t be influenced by the myth that you don’t have anything unique to offer. The truth is, your income will increase because you have something special to offer that will solve your dream client’s problem. You have experiences and expertise that no one else has, and those are worth paying for. Don’t let your current income level stop you from jumping for the next level. #makeitso

  1. “People who sell things are sleazy and evil, and they make people feel uncomfortable.”

I’m betting that if you connect with this myth, either you’ve had an unpleasant experience being sold to or know someone who has. You don’t want to create that experience for anyone else, which is totally understandable.

Here’s why this myth is hogwash: A business is an organization or economic system where goods and/or services are exchanged for one another or for money. These goods and services are sold because there is a need for them. Remember, friend: You are a business. You are selling a solution to a need or a problem, and there’s nothing evil about wanting to address others’ pain points.

And, better yet, you’re selling a solution backed by experiences and expertise. When armed with knowledge coupled with kindness as your arsenal, clients are more likely to trust you. They’re also more likely to want to work with you when they know the person behind the experiences. So begin by letting people get to know and like you, then show up with your value to share, and, finally, pocket those Benjamins after solving your dream client’s problem.

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Is your comfort zone holding you back?

There’s a reason new parents are told to take home a blanket smelling like their newborn so the family pet can get used to it: Animals crave familiarity. Humans do, too, which is why we find ourselves following the same patterns over and over, despite our best intentions.

Most of my clients are stuck in the same place — their comfort zone — with a desire for something outside their reach. Maybe they want to increase their impact and income, make their side hustle into a full-time gig, have a baby or run a marathon. Whatever their goal, they tell me that they are here and what they covet feels like it’s way over there.

But our targets are only out of reach because we limit ourselves to the secure certainty of the zone we’ve each built for ourselves. Why? Because it’s scary to take a risk. “Zone” implies parameters, barriers, walls. It protects a person against surprise so that there are no unknowns. When we hold ourselves back, we’re kept from growing and learning.

The especially anxious among us think of surprises as bad things: unrevealed outcomes for which we aren’t prepared. Yet what about the good surprises, like when we shock ourselves by landing a big client using an untested sales pitch or lifting more weight than last week because we saw another athlete attempt the same? Fear of failure keeps a person from the beauty of success. If you don’t take the step yourself, life will force you outside your comfort zone. Without periodically taking leaps, you’re bound to be grounded under duress.

When I ask clients to rate their goals on a scale of 1-10 — 1 being “I was ready before Beyoncé dropped her secret album” and 10 being “I’m more terrified than I am during American Horror Story promos” — they nearly always confirm that they know what they want, but they’re so scared. Fears include comparison to others, feeling inadequate, being insecure, unconditionally trusting a loved one and disapproval from their family. Some are ashamed or guilty about their desires. Know this: Each of us has the ability to receive, but some of us aren’t making the space to receive. Making the space requires expanding your comfort zone.

I wanted to do something special during October, my birthday month. I’m offering a limited number of spots in Your Sensuality Fueled Biz, my signature 1:1 private coaching program for new clients. Previous clients have used this program shift their d shame and guilt beliefs/stories around sensuality, reconnect to their pussy, pleasure their way through business, a dream they haven’t been able to make into a reality.

During these calls, we will dive into your subconscious and conscious blocks. We’ll talk about your ambition and the stories you tell yourself to skirt risk. Then we’ll confront those stories, talk about what is missing from your sensuality + mindset goals, and how my support can help you with your goals.

I should tell you that those steps will ask you to step outside your comfort zone. Unpredictability is part of life, and I believe your life should be filled to the brim with the massive wishes you have for yourself.

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