The Striking Connection Between Sensuality and Our Emotional Health

How many times are we told to “get over it” or “move on?” All.The.Fucking.Time.  My personal favorite is “it’s not that bad.”

People are also accustomed to sharing how they handled emotional situations as if every situation is the same and every person is the same and so the responses should be the same. Wrong.

Maslow’s hierarchy discusses the need for emotional well-being in order to achieve the highest level of self-actualization so why have we chosen to ignore it? Because it can be fucking hard to deal with the issues we’re facing.

Sometimes we do not even know what feels good to us. I’ve spoken to clients before who could not tell me what makes them happy. They had no idea what felt good. Why?

Because of a culture that expects us to be emotionless drones who make money and pay taxes. We work ourselves to death so we don’t have to deal with the emotional aspect of life thus never reaching self-actualization.

We’re patching holes in sinking boats if we put off, push away and avoid what we’re feeling.

Imagine for a second the successful corporate CEO. Everyone always assume life is perfection for him because he has status and money but how often do we see that the family is dysfunctional, addiction is prominent or other issues have manifested? When we focus on just the physiological piece of the pyramid we do ourselves and those around us a great disservice. We’ve disavowed our connection to our heart and being in our emotions like they are pieces of scrap metal that aren’t needed when they are in fact part of the masterpiece in our sensual embodiment.  

Let’s talk about how I can help you get off that sinking boat and stop doing patch jobs. We’ve all seen what happens when we do patch work to our plumbing right? It’s okay temporarily and then you have a flood on your hands. Don’t let that happen to your emotions. I want to talk to you. Book a call here: Discovery Call

My Top 5 Sensuality Beliefs

What’s your reaction to hearing the word “sensuality”?  I think I’ve had every reaction under the sun, from worried and guilty to happy and grateful.  I’ve been on my sensuality journey for a long time, and have shifted to being confident and free in my sensuality.  I want to make the process easier for you, so I am sharing my top 5 sensuality beliefs with you.

  1. Sensuality is a natural, beautiful way of being, and is connected to freedom, love, and unshakeable self-worth.
  2. Being connected and in tune with my body is exquisite.  I love knowing that I am worthy as I am in this body just by being.
  3. I love feeling safe, at home, and delicious in my body.
  4. My curves, breasts, pussy, and womb are gifts that connect me to my desires, my creativity, and my intuition.
  5. I am devoted to being my confident, sexy, empowered, badass version of myself.  I know emotional expression is my birthright.

Which of these do you want to believe?  Tell me in the comments below!