4 Stellar Tips to be the confident, sexy, powerful version of yourself

Have you ever felt anxious or disconnected in your body?

You’re not the only one who has wondered who some women feel and look so confident or felt like everyone else knows the secret to feeling relaxed, joyful, and free in their body. There is a difference between you and them. Guess what?  They embraced their sensuality and live in that juicy embodiment.  They took the time to question whether the things they believed or heard about sensuality were true and actively chose to change anything that kept them in being the “perfect woman” or the “good girl”.  Here are a few tips that have helped me shift into joyful and free sensual embodiment.

    1. Journal/Voice memo your thoughts on sensuality.  When you start to write it out, you may be surprised by the thoughts you have in relation to money, and you might discover that pivotal experiences or certain influences have shaped those thoughts.
    1. Observe.  As you’re journaling, observe what physical sensation you feel in your body.  Pay specific attention to their intensity and the discomfort. Observe what emotions come up for you. You’re not alone if you have uncomfortable, intense emotions about sensuality.  
    1. Grace.  It’s easy to look at past experiences and influences and beat yourself up about them.  Stop. Give yourself grace. You did the best you could in the moment, and what you experienced was not your fault.  Remember that your past does not dictate your present or future, and it’s never too late to make a new choice and take a new path when it comes to your sensuality.
  1. Forgive/release.  This last point pairs with #3.  All can be forgiven and that includes you.

Try one tip this week, and comment below to let me know how it went.  I love hearing from you, and want to support you as you transform your sensuality.  

3 Easy Shifts to Make an Impact and Income

Have you ever felt guilty or frustrated when thinking about the impact you want to make and money you want to earn in your business?  

It’s understandable; you have a passion that lives in your heart that you want to see in reality.  Your money mindset has an effect on that. A negative outlook acts as a blind spot to creating the impact and income you desire in your business. Instead of taking steps to live your dreams (instead of just imagining them), you remain stuck in a place that leaves you feeling frustrated.  When you master your money mindset, you will ignore negative critiques,  talk about your services to your dream clients with passion and confidence, and, most importantly, believe that what you offer has value.  Here are 3 ways your money mindset could be holding you back.

  1. Value:  You know and believe that the services you offer are great, but when you start to talk about them you turn into a mouse.  You think that someone else offers something similar or better, and that makes fear your focus.  You’re afraid that what you offer isn’t good enough and that there is no way to change that.
  2. Price:  Selling is uncomfortable.  You wonder if your prices are too high or too low.   You wonder if people can get what you offer for free from blog posts and webinars.  You’re uncertain of where to look for help with pricing your services.
  3. Decision making:  You’re indecisive because you’re afraid to make the wrong choice, and it leaves you paralyzed.  You keep what you have to offer to yourself because you feel like you it has to be perfect in order to offer it, and you feel like that will never happen.  You can’t make the impact you want to when indecisiveness leaves you feeling paralyzed.  

Here’s the truth:

  1. Someone might offer a service similar to yours, but that does not decrease the value of what you have to offer.
  2. Your fear of pricing your services comes from uncertainty about where to begin.  Don’t look to others for how to price your unique services.
  3. When your mindset is focused on needing what you offer to be perfect, you’re playing small and not sharing value.  Decide right now that what you have to offer is valuable so that you can work with your dream clients.

I’m so passionate about the impact you’ll make when your money mindset is working for you and not against you in your business and life.  Let’s bring more fun to your relationship with money!  When you think about investing in your business, you don’t feel pressured to buy every course available because you know exactly which courses you need to quickly grow your business.  When you think about pricing your services, you’re confident that  you’re giving your clients all the support and knowledge they need to renew their belief in themselves and their businesses at a price point that can’t be beat.  When you think about treating yourself to a vacation to Italy or buying something from your Amazon wishlist, guilt is nowhere in sight, and your friends and family think “maybe I can do that too”.

What points resonated with you?  Comment below and let me know.