You are made to experience freedom & pleasure in your sensuality

Are you a womxn in business looking to reconnect to your body (pussy included), and be the most confident, sexy, badass version of yourself in your business?

Right now, you might feel uncomfortable embracing your sensuality because it feels unsafe and a little (or a lot) dirty.  Maybe you’re afraid that people will judge you and say you’re dangerous?  And people pleasing and anxiety, well, they’re closer friends than Gretchen and Karen from Mean Girls.

Here’s a better way to be…

Walking to the beach in a bikini and sarong with the confidence of Beyonce like the fierce and empowered AF lady entrepreneur you are, with guilt-free space in your planner, and connected to the most powerful source of intuition, wisdom, and creative energy you have.

That’s what I help my clients do!

Whether you’re new to sensuality & mindset or have already dived into your own personal development, if you

    • Are tired of living from the neck up in a mental typhoon of worry, anxiety, and overwhelm
    • Are ready to let go of the guilt and shame connected with your sensuality
    • Are ready to step on a stage in front of people as a speaker, go on dates, and be outdoors because you believe you’re body is beautiful the way it is (not inappropriate/wrong in any way, shape, or form)
    • Are ready to come home and feel safe in your body
    • Are ready to say goodbye to $5k/month ceilings, have a spiritually and energetically conscious partner, and live that eat, pray, and love life (hey Bali!)
    • Are willing to step outside of what feels safe and uncomfortable if that means getting what she truly desires
    • Are 100% ready to feel powerful, sexy, and confident in every area of her life

Then know this: you are not alone.  My clients have felt that way too, and as a sensuality + mindset coach helping womxn in business feel confident and free in their sensuality is my jam.

“I no longer feel uncomfortable making a pitch or sharing my pricing. I don’t feel awkward talking about my qualifications. She helped me find a way to practice self-love in a way that felt natural for me. I am forever grateful for Natasha!” – Ashley Price 

Want to see how you can become a wild, free and powerful womxn? 

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Work With Me

Reconnect with your sensuality and get out of your head, so that you can be free and joyful in your body, multiply your impact and income, and sip your sangria in Spain without guilt.  

I want to help YOU get there!

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